Seeds of Native Plants of the Monsoon Tropics of
Northen Australia

Trading Terms

Seed of most species are sold by weight, but some are sold by number. Prices reflect the degree of difficulty in collecting and processing.

You should confirm the availability of a particular seed species by contacting us before placing an order. Seed availability is seasonal and price is subject to change.

1) Prices

  • expressed in Australia dollars, exclusive of GST
  • for quantities 25-250 gm – calculate in multiples of 25 gm
  • for quantities 250 gm and over – calculate using kilogram rate
  • minimum total order $30 (plus GST)

2) Freight

to be specified and paid by the receiver

3) Payment

  • strictly 30 days from date of invoice
  • preferred means by electronic transfer, also cheque or money order. No credit card facility available
  • late payment may be charged at for overdue accounts
  • a service fee will be charged on all returned cheques

4) International

  • Please note Top End Seeds do not generally send seed overseas. The potential for ecological damage associated with importing foreign plant species is well known.

The description under which our seeds are sold signifies that we believe them to be true to type and that every endeavour has been made to ensure that this is so. No warranty is expressed or implied.

These terms are accepted by the purchaser when an order is placed.