Seeds of Native Plants of the Monsoon Tropics of
Northen Australia


Top End Seeds has been involved in many successful revegetation projects, helping to raise the bar for land rehabilitation in Northern Australia. Top End Seeds has supplied seed to major mining companies in:

  • Western Australia
    (Argyle, Kimberley Diamonds)
  • Queensland
    (Ernest Henry, German Creek, Mt Isa, Century, Phosphate Hill, Ravenswood)
  • Northern Territory
    (Brocks Creek, Union Reefs, McArthur River, Woodcutters, Tennant Creek, Bootu Creek)

Provenance seed collection including the training of local people has been carried out at Koolan Island, Melville Island and McArthur River.

Seed has been supplied to local nurseries and to landscapers for the revegetation of areas surrounding commercial and housing developments in the Darwin region:

  • Darwin Airport Buffer Zone
  • Lyons Housing Development

We have also provided seed and completed contract seed treatment and sowing operations to:

  • Pine Creek Gold Fields
    (Pine Creek Mine)
  • Acacia Resources/Anglogold
    (Union Reefs Mine/Brocks Creek Mine/Maud Creek Mine)
  • Normandy Poseidon
    (Nobles Nob Mine/Eldorado)
  • Queensland Mining Co
    (Narbalek Uranium Mine)